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We offer you the ultimate quality in your enjoyment of a classic and luxurious life

Caviar is the first among the world's three major delicacies (caviar, truffle, and foie gras). The sturgeon first appeared 150 million years ago along the coastlines of Eurasia, and is known as the living dinosaur of the fish world, with 27 caviar-producing sub-species. Denominated "black gold" due to its scarcity and high price, caviar is the traditional and most luxurious food on the international market, and a carat of caviar is worth more than a carat of diamonds. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Top Wealth Group (International) Ltd. specializes in this top-of-the-line product. Our mission is to allow customers around the world to enjoy the unparalleled taste of caviar and to experience the art of living and culture associated with this precious delicacy.

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We make the best caviar in the world

The reason why Imperial Cristal Caviar has become the caviar brand of choice for thousands of food enthusiasts all over the world is precisely because each can of caviar offers the perfect quality, and strives to provide every taster with a truly outstanding gastronomical experience We constantly strive to create extraordinary quality, in order to have the experience of excellent quality caviar enter the table of every family in the world, and thus increasing the global recognition and influence of the Imperial Cristal Caviar brand. The Imperial Cristal Caviar Global Sales Center deals in caviar from France, Italy, and China. The main varieties are the Dachshund sturgeon, Russian sturgeon, Shi's sturgeon, Hybrid sturgeon, and Siberian sturgeon. We offer the most classic caviar that is aged to 10 years, 12 years, 15 years, and 18 years. We import top-quality caviar from the best farms around the world, depending on which farm offers the highest quality that season.

Our caviar offers top food and health standards

Caviar contains 16 kinds of amino acids. Amino acids are the basic materials for building human cells. According to the report of the Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan and the Sub-Committee of Resources Investigation of the Academic Review Council, the main benefits of caviar are reflected in its capacity to enhance brain power, physical strength and immunity. It can also prevent acne and enable increased weight loss. It is also highly recommended for the treatment of hyperlipidemia, hypotension, erectile dysfunction, and several other health conditions. Caviar also contains vitamins B12, vitamins A, BE, B16, iron, magnesium, and selenium, which help reduce blood clotting, protect arteries from hardening, and help minimize heart attacks, strokes, and blocked arteries. Caviar is also a natural Viagra for men. For women, caviar contains trace elements, minerals, proteins, amino acids and the essential fatty acids that the skin needs. It does not only effectively moisturize and nourish the skin, but also make it delicate and smooth, truly rejuvenating the skin and working as a real youth elixir to delay aging.

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We bring you the best farm-to-table quality standards

Our sturgeons are farmed in large rivers and lakes around the world in conditions similar to wild sturgeons. Our farms use the traditional techniques to raise sturgeons, and all our caviar is produced by hand using traditional methods. Imperial Cristal Caviar offers only the highest quality caviar, and each jar of caviar comes with a CITES certificate and complete documentation. We import our caviar only from the best sturgeon farms in the world, according to the season. We also place great care and attention in producing our Imperial Cristal Caviar in an environmentally friendly and conscious way. Our caviar contains only a small amount of salt. It is a fully natural product that does not contain any preservatives.

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