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"Imperial Cristal Caviar" garnered an overwhelming response at the FHA exhibition, with a multitude of catering companies showing a distinct preference for the exquisite caviar

April 28, 2023

"Imperial Cristal Caviar" garnered an enthusiastic response at the FHA- Food & Beverage And ProWine 2023 exhibition in Singapore, with numerous catering companies showing a distinct preference for our high-quality caviar. The exhibition not only significantly bolstered the popularity of "Imperial Cristal Caviar," but also captured the attention of many catering establishments. Throughout the event, extensive discussions took place between "Imperial Cristal Caviar" and various catering companies, who expressed their intent to incorporate the brand's products into their menus and elevate the overall quality of their offerings.

Renowned for the exceptional quality and exquisite flavor, "Imperial Cristal Caviar" has consistently won the hearts of discerning consumers. The tremendous attention and recognition received at the FHA exhibition have further fortified the brand's confidence. Moving forward, "Imperial Cristal Caviar" remains committed to upholding its unparalleled quality and taste, continuing to delight a broader audience with delectable culinary experiences.


If you are interested in distributing or utilizing our premium caviar to enhance your products and menus, we encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation. We are eager to engage in fruitful discussions with you.


For inquiries from Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, and other countries, kindly email us at For Singapore-based inquiries, please contact us via

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