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Terms & Conditions

The IMPERIAL CRISTAL CAVIAR website (; hereinafter referred to as "this website") is an e-commerce website operated by Fuyuan Group (International) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company"), and is based on this The terms of use of the website and other relevant specifications or announcements provide you with relevant services. Before you shop for the first time, please read and agree to the terms of use of this website, and then fill in your basic information to complete the shopping process. If you complete the pre-opening shopping process, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the entire content and agreement of the terms of use of this website. If you do not agree with all or part of the terms of use of this website, please do not fill in the basic information and complete the subsequent shopping process. .


You agree that the company has the right to adjust the terms of use of this website at any time according to the needs of the operation. Except for the significant impact on the shopping rights you have completed, the company will not notify you individually. The latest content of the terms of use of this website will be published on The link to the home page of this website, you can read it in detail before each purchase to protect your rights. Your continued use of this website service after any modification or change will be deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the relevant modification and change. If you do not agree with the modification or change of the terms of use of this website, please stop using the related services of this website.


When minors (the legal age of their country) use this website, if they agree to the collection and use of their personal information by this website, they should do so under the agreement of their legal representatives or guardians. The legal representative or guardian may request the company to stop the collection, processing and utilization of specific accounts and related personal data at any time.



Account password


1. In order to ensure the security of transactions, this website will use the email address in the basic information you fill in as the account number, and you will select a group of Mimas as your personal login identification. You can change your personal password according to your needs. Do not use the same password as other websites, and change your personal password frequently to maintain the security of your account.


2. You agree to take care of and keep your account and password confidential, including but not limited to: not divulging account and password to third parties, not sharing account and password with others, logging out of this website in a timely manner, etc. Unless it is proved that it is illegally used by a third party, you shall take full responsibility for the use of the correct account and password set by you to log in, and shall not arbitrarily deny the transaction.


3. You declare and guarantee that the basic information you have filled in is correct and complete, and you are not allowed to use other people's information. If you violate the previous guarantee, the company has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you to use the company's services. .


4. If your account has been used fraudulently or misappropriated, you should notify the company immediately to avoid the expansion of damage. The company will assist in suspending the relevant transactions and subsequent use of the account, and after clarifying the use of the account, reset the password according to your request to enable use.



Personal data protection


The company collects, processes and uses your personal data for the purpose of providing the company's related services and marketing every time you trade or participate in activities.

You agree that the company may send product information to your email address from time to time. If you want to subscribe, stop subscription or modify related subscription settings, you can contact customer service.

The company will abide by the provisions of relevant laws and regulations on personal data protection, and will not illegally use your personal data except in accordance with the terms of use of this website, privacy policy or legal provisions. In the following cases, the company may provide your personal data to the relevant authorities, or claim that their rights have been violated and present to a third party with official documents from the judicial authorities:

1. According to the law or the request of the judicial authorities or other competent authorities based on legal procedures;

2. In an emergency, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of other tenants or third parties;

3. To maintain the normal operation of this website;

4. The necessary information for the provision of cash flow, logistics or other third-party or cooperative manufacturers generated by the company's related services;

5. The user has any violation of government decrees or the terms of use of this website.


This website may contain links to other websites due to advertisements or other cooperative promotional activities. If you click these links to other websites, the terms of use and privacy policy of this website do not apply. You must judge by yourself whether the relevant terms of each website are sufficient to protect your rights and interests, and then decide whether to use the services of this website.



Method to informe


You agree that the transaction between you and the company related to the use or shopping of this website shall be represented by electronic documents. Indicated notice.



Transaction Notes


The number of products provided on this website is limited, please complete the ordering process as soon as possible after selecting. Putting in the shopping cart does not mean that you have completed the ordering. If other users have completed the ordering process before you complete the ordering process, the system will notify you Your item has been sold out, please remove it from the shopping cart.

You must place an order according to the confirmed quantity and price mechanism of the product provided on this website. For the content of your order, the company accepts the order, except that it is rejected with a legitimate reason within 2 working days after the order is placed. However, if you have paid, unless otherwise provided by law, the transaction is deemed to be established.

This website may set a limit on the number of individual consumers who can order a specific product. When an order is placed beyond the upper limit of the quantity or the same consumer places multiple orders with multiple accounts, this website is only responsible for the delivery of goods according to the upper limit of the quantity for a single customer.


The delivery of goods on this website is based on the method you choose and specify when you order, and the price of goods does not include shipping. However, if you meet certain promotional conditions, the company will pay the shipping cost according to the shipping method you choose. If you do not meet the shipping discount conditions due to the return of some products, the company will charge the original shipping cost of the order from the amount you refunded after canceling the contract (the shipping cost is subject to the announcement on the website when you place the order).



Intellectual property rights


All contents of this website, including but not limited to: product photography, model photos, art illustrations, website structure, programming, website screen arrangement, web design layout, trademark law, trademark law, patent law, other signs or information, etc. , are the objects of intellectual property rights legally owned by the company or the relevant obligee, and are protected by the Copyright Trade Secret Law and the Fair Trade Law. Without the prior permission or authorization of the company or the obligee, they may not be used arbitrarily to avoid liability for infringement or violation of the law.



Limitation of Liability


You agree that for disputes arising from the use of this website or shopping on this website, unless otherwise compelled by law, the maximum amount of compensation liability shall be 3 times the fee you paid to the company for the current use or shopping. . The same is true of your liability to the company for your breach of the terms of use of this website or other breaches of contract.



Service Termination and Waiver Statement


The company will maintain the normal operation of this website in a manner and technology that is consistent with the current generally reasonably expected security. In the following cases, the company has the right to suspend the provision of all or part of the services of this website, but is not obliged to notify you in advance, and the company is not obligated to compensate or compensate for any direct or indirect damages arising therefrom:

1. Return, replace, update, maintain or repair the relevant software and hardware equipment of this website;

2. Service suspension or interruption caused by natural disasters or other force majeure factors;

3. Service cessation or interruption due to service interruption of telecommunications or website companies or other reasons not attributable to the company;

4. The information displayed on this website is incorrect due to external influence, or it is forged, tampered, deleted or retrieved, or the system is interrupted or cannot operate normally;

5. The user suspends or terminates the service if the user violates the terms of use of this website or the laws and regulations; 6. The company believes that there is no need to suspend or terminate the service.

For the foreseeable software and hardware maintenance plan, when the company may suspend or terminate the service of the website, it will try its best to announce on this website in an appropriate way before the situation occurs.



Breach of contract


In order to protect the rights and interests of all users of this website, if you have one of the following circumstances, the company may suspend or terminate your shopping qualifications or refuse you to use all or part of the services of this website:

1. Provide wrong or false information to log in;

2. Stealing credit cards or other financial accounts without my permission;

3. The company has determined that there is malicious termination of the contract and the return of goods;

4. Harassing or inappropriate words and deeds to the customer service department of the company;

5. Other violations of the terms of use of this website or violations of the law;


You agree that when the company suspends or terminates your shopping qualifications in accordance with the terms of use of this website, or refuses you to use all or part of the services of this website, your consent is not required, and the company does not have any obligations to you or any third party. or responsibility.



Validity, Governing Law and Competent Court of this Consent


When all or a part of any clause of the Terms of Use of this website is invalid, it does not affect the validity of other agreements. The rights and obligations between you and the company shall be determined in accordance with the Terms of Use of this website and relevant applicable announcements or specifications of this website. For any dispute, you can file a complaint or response to the customer service contact information recorded on this website, and both parties should uphold the greatest sincerity, negotiate and resolve it in accordance with the principles of good faith, equality and mutual benefit.

Company business registration address : SILVER LOFT NO.26 CHEUNG LEE STREET, CHAI WAN HK


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